The core of innovation.

After 20 years developing cutting-edge robotics and software technologies, INDOSE co-founders combine their experience building high-fidelity consumer products with the expertise of scientists
and engineers in the US and Israel—the birthplace of the THC molecule.

Now with over 24 patents filed, INDOSE is an innovation leader in the vaporizer industry.  
With its commitment to accuracy, INDOSE empowers the user to take control of their
vaping experience through first-of-its kind custom microdosing.

collection of Indose pens and packaging options

The Sunburst is a Sunrise Glow.

The INDOSE Sunburst logo represents a new dawn in the vaporizer industry. Where the benefits metered vapor dosing can shine on everyone. As a solution for adults to treat an array of uses in the nicotine, THC and CBD segments. The sunburst's rays glow like the indicator lights on the INDOSE device. Giving assurance to adults that they are getting accurate vapor dosing. INDOSE strives to provide accessible, simple and accurate technology hardware solutions to the vaporizer industry.

Join the Inner Circle

INDOSE is actively seeking like-minded innovators to join our team. Tell us a bit about yourselves and how you can contribute to the future of vaping technology.

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