All-In-One Medical Vaporizer

The INDOSE All-In-One vaporizer allows patients to meter the amount of vapor they are inhaling, in real-time. The All-In-One vaporizer is easy-to-use and ready to go out-of-the-box. It incorporates INDOSE’s patented vapor dosing technology to provide the most accurate dosing experience on the market.

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Dosage Session Control

Different people have different styles of inhaling from a vaporizer. INDOSE’s vaporizer allows patients to meter their inhalations no matter what their inhalation style comes naturally to them. The vaporizer is pre set with a dosage session amount. With each puff, patients can see the progress they made through their dosage sessions. If they prefer to take less than the full dose amount, they can stop anytime along the way and know exactly how much they inhaled.

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Technology & Accuracy

INDOSE’s patented technology utilizes two sensors that measure the density and flow rate of the vapor cloud being produced by the consumer. It then takes readings from these sensors and utilizes an algorithm to calculate the amount of active mendicant in the vapor cloud and conveys that information to the consumer in real-time. This method has an accuracy that is considered an industry best.

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Strategic Partnerships

INDOSE works with partners to fill its vaporizers with medicated vaporizer oils. INDOSE partners use oils that are extracted from natural plants or nicotine-based oils. Click below to get more info on becoming an INDOSE partner.

INDOSE provides multiple options to ensure its partners' brand are also well represented on packaging and the device itself. The partner's brand appears on the most prominent area of the vaporizer, the upper portion of the device. INDOSE also has recommended co-branded packaging options that are practical, sleek and are childproof certified.

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Features and Specifications

All-In-One Specifications

Holds .5 grams of oil

The battery lasts approximately 150 - 200 uses

Preset for a 4mg dosing session with .5mg increments

Device dimensions: 3.93in x 0.86in x 0.46in

Weight: 25 grams without oil

All-In-One Features

Industry best dosage technology

Dosing session control

Easy to use out-of-the box functionality

No app required for dosage information

Easy to fill with oil for partners

Industry best ceramic hardware components

Questions and Answers

How is the INDOSE vaporizer filled with oil?

EZ fill device uses standard oil filling equipment. 3 EZ filling steps in 10 seconds:

  • Fills in approximately 5 seconds
  • Capping the atomizer takes approximately 3 seconds
  • Applying outer door takes approximately 2 seconds
How long does the vaporizer last?

The vaporizer typically contains .5 grams of oil which lasts approximately 200 uses depending on dosage taken.

How accurate is the INDOSE vaporizer?

Our tests have shown an accuracy of approximately +/- 20% on a dosing session.

How does the vaporizer show me my dose?

INDOSE vaporizers have a display which allows the patient to see the amount of active medication they are inhaling. This display shows the milligrams they are consuming in real-time. The INDOSE vaporizer has a LED light display which shows the milligrams consumed in .5mg increments.

What differentiates INDOSE from its competitors?

Measuring vapor density is critical. Other vaporizers on the market that claim some form of dosage use predetermined assumed factors for calculating dosage. They may claim to measure airflow, but without a measured amount of vapor density, their dosage calculations can be widely inaccurate.

Where is the vaporizer available?

The INDOSE device is available in legal medical states and internationally.

Why is vapor cloud density so important?

Measuring vapor cloud density is a critical step in accurate dosage. Vapor density changes from puff to puff depending on a multitude of factors including; the individual inhaling, the temperature of the device, the temperature of the oil, the viscosity of the oil, the atomizer creating the vapor, the battery power of the device, the variability in the hardware device, and many other factors. Without knowing the density of the vapor being produced there is no way of knowing the amount of mendicant a consumer is inhaling. INDOSE is the only vaporizer on the market that measures this critical factor.

What are the packaging options for partners?

Packaging options include:

  • Recommended recyclable plastic childproof case by Snapcase™
  • Custom packaging holding insert available
  • Easy to assemble outer packaging sleeve in a wide variety of graphic options

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