INDOSE's Technology Now Has Three Patents Granted and 20 Pending

July 6, 2020
Ari Freeman

INDOSE's core belief is that accurate dosage is the key to unlocking the medicinal power of vapor or aerosol based drugs.  INDOSE sets itself from its competitors by actively building a patent portfolio.  The company now has three granted patents around its technology and is pursuing approximately 20 additional patents.  INDOSE believes these patents enhance its position as technology leaders for medical applications of vaporizers and inhalers.

Core concepts in INDOSE's patent portfolio:

Measuring vapor for accurate dosage

For the most accurate method of metering dosage, INDOSE is the only company to actually measure the vapor being created.  Competitor devices try to use time and/or air flow to make some assumptions on calculating how much vapor someone has inhaled.  INDOSE's research shows that these methods are widely inaccurate.  Only INDOSE's technology measures the actual vapor that has been produced.

Vaporizer with child security

INDOSE's method for child and personal security is unique, affordable and easy-to-use.  This patented method adds little or no cost to the vaporizer and is discrete.

Achieving a predetermined dosage amount

INDOSE has patents pending around setting and achieving a user defined targeted amount.  Especially important for medical uses, this is a critical step for doctors and patients to easily know they are achieving a patient's desired dosage intake without fear of taking too much or too little.

Vaporizer communicating with a personal electronic device for dosage control

INDOSE has patents pending which give patients advanced dosage control by connecting with their smartphone.  This also allows them to connect directly with their medical professionals.  

INDOSE's patent strategy:

INDOSE has patents pending around the world for these and other core technologies.  Dating back to 2015, approximately 20 patents have been filed in the US, China, Canada, Australia and the EU.  The portfolio is managed by one of the US's most prolific patent firms, Sughrue Mion PLLC.

Ari Freeman

Ari, President of INDOSE, has a product development background that extends over 25 years. His inventions can be found in over 15,000 retailer outlets across North America.

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