The INDOSE Commitment to Quality and Safety

July 6, 2020
Benzi Ronen

A Message from INDOSE

We at INDOSE are saddened to hear the news about the vape related illnesses. Our thoughts go out to the people who are directly affected by this.  It goes against everything INDOSE stands for.

INDOSE was established on the principle that cannabis needs transparency and accuracy for consumers to use safely.  We have dedicated our existence to creating hardware technology that allows adults in cannabis legal states to consume cannabis responsibly.  Cannabis is a drug and should be treated with precision and control.  Our hardware technology provides a method to do so as an accurate metered dosage solution.

INDOSE is a hardware company that partners with licensed cannabis extractors who create lab-tested cannabis oils.  No vitamin E, PG, or VG additives are used in INDOSE’s products.

We sincerely support the regulation and legalization of cannabis throughout the world to help prevent more of these types of incidents from happening.

Benzi Ronen

Benzi, CEO of INDOSE, comes to the Cannabis sector with 20 years of experience building convenient consumer experiences powered by software technology.

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