What's Your Ideal Dose?

June 17, 2021
Ari Freeman

What’s your ideal dose of cannabis to help you sleep? Or to give you relief after an intense workout? Or to help you think creatively?

Everybody is different.  What works for one person may be too much or too little for others. Dosing cannabis is a relatively new concept.  Using cannabis used to have two or three modes; not high, high and f’d up.  Accidentally getting too high was a common occurrence.  Only relatively recently has dosing in any way been a possibility using edibles, such as 5mg THC gummies or cookies.  This began allowing consumers to ‘micro-dose’ or fine tune their high.  Doing this allows consumers to carry on their daily activities in a controlled state.  For example, doing the dishes while your kids are watching TV, or going for a hike without getting disoriented.

Micro-dosing has opened the door to a controlled high for wellness, medicinal and performance purposes.  For example; some people take a small amount, say 1mg of THC, before working out.  They claim it helps them focus on activities such as strength training.  Some people micro-dose a specific amount to help them sleep.  For me personally, taking 2mg of THC right before going to bed helps me fall asleep.  If I take 4mg THC before going to bed it gets my mind going which has the opposite effect so I can’t fall asleep.

Getting the right dose is critical to getting a reliable effect.  Cannabis was known as a drug that would provide an inconsistent effect.  We at INDOSE suspect that what is really happening isn’t that cannabis’s effect is inconsistent, but the amount of cannabis people have been taking has been inconsistent.  Up until INDOSE, there really wasn’t a way of getting a consistent amount of cannabis by inhalation.

As you begin to use INDOSE, you start to realize all the great things you can do with cannabis by microdosing.  You are able to start answering the question “What’s your dose?”  3mg of Indica for chilling out watching a movie?  1.5mg for going for a jog in the park? .5mg for helping you be creative in writing a blog piece?

Ari Freeman

Ari, President of INDOSE, has a product development background that extends over 25 years. His inventions can be found in over 15,000 retailer outlets across North America.

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