Dial-n-DoseTM is Now Taking Pre-Orders.

The INDOSE Dial-n-DoseTM cartridge allows patients to meter the amount of vapor they are inhaling. The cartridge screws into any 510 threaded battery and is easy-to-use. Patients just dial their desired number of doses right on the cartridge itself. It incorporates INDOSE’s patent-pending dosing system to provide an affordable dosing solution.

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Dial-n-DoseTM Technology

It's fast and simple to use INDOSE’s Dial-n-DoseTM system. Patients rotate the dial built right into the 510 cartridge to their desired number of doses; 1, 2 or 3. Patients then inhale as they would from any cartridge. When they complete the dosage amount the device automatically shuts off. A built-in LED light flashes to let the consumer know they have completed their dose.

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510 Compatibility

Dial-n-DoseTM has a standard 510 thread connection. It can be attached to any battery unit that accepts standard 510s. It requires no special connections or integration.

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Strategic Partnerships

INDOSE works with partners to fill, market and distribute its Dial-n-DoseTM cartridges with medicated vaporizer oils. INDOSE partners use oils that are extracted from the natural plants or nicotine based oils. The filling system is the same as most standard 510 cartridges. Click below to get more info on becoming an INDOSE partner.

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Features and Specifications

Dial-n-DoseTM Features

Patent-pending dial setting technology

LED light indicator

Standard 510 compatibility

No app required for dosage information

Easy to fill with oil for partners

Industry best ceramic hardware components

Dial-n-DoseTM Specifications

Holds 1 gram of oil

Preset for a 1, 2 or 3 doses

Top filling system like standard 510 cartridges

Device dimensions: 2.83in x 0.41in

Weight: 7g (no oil, no mouthpiece)

Questions and Answers

How is the Dial-n-DoseTM filled with oil?
  • Dial-n-DoseTM uses standard oil filling equipment
  • Fill from top
  • Needs to be capped with a mouthpiece
How long does the vaporizer last?

The vaporizer typically contains 1 gram of oil which lasts approximately 800 doses.

How does the cartridge show me my dose?

Dial-n-DoseTM has a built-in LED light that turns on while a consumer is taking their dose and flashes when they are complete.

When will the Dial-n-DoseTM be available?

The INDOSE device will be available in Summer 2020. INDOSE is taking pre-orders now.

What differentiates Dial-n-DoseTM from its competitors?

Dial-n-DoseTM provides patients with an easy and affordable dosing solution using a standard 510 cartridge. We don’t know of any other products that offer that.

Where is the vaporizer available?

The INDOSE device will soon be available in legal US and international markets. More regions are in the process of being added.

What are the packaging options for partners?

Dial-n-DoseTM is approximately the same size as a standard 1 gram 510 cartridge. Therefore the packaging options are standard packaging offered by many packaging companies.

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