Engineered for Everyone

INDOSE’s innovation is centered on their commitment to create truly customized vapor dosing that's accessible to everyone. A compact design built from high quality materials and a ceramic core atomizer, INDOSE is engineered to offer the vaporizing experience you want, wherever you are.

Eliminating the guesswork.

Where other measured vapes determine your dose based on the length of your pull alone, INDOSE’s patent-pending technology measures the precise amount of vapor present in each unique vapor cloud it expels.

Specialized sensors engineered for precision.

Accurately detecting the amount of drug in a cloud of vapor can be tricky, so INDOSE developed specialized sensors to do the job. They take 10 readings per second, relaying measurements back to the control board which calculates—down to the milligram—the amount of nicotine, THC or CBD vapor you’re inhaling.

Dynamically personalized vaping sessions.

INDOSE works with your individual vaping style using session control. If you're targeting a specific dose, you can achieve that result in a way that comes natural to you. A big deep hit, or several quick puffs — the sensors continuously measure the density and volume of your vapor clouds, displaying the cumulative levels of nicotine, THC or CBD you’re inhaling during the session.